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Sometimes Real Life is the Best Game

We had our bi-monthly General Membership meeting here at the Store today. We did a lot of good work, and during the course of it some fairly complex By-Law questions came up. During the course of this, I remembered that working out these kinds of quasi-legal questions are a lot of fun. When you get right down to it, that's a lot of what Magic: the Gathering is all about. It is a well defined rules set which you seek to understand to the degree that you can work the rules to your advantage.

Hopefully, in an organization like ours, people will not be trying to manipulate the rules, but there are still questions of how the rules should be interpreted because sometimes these kinds of questions have significant implications.

Of course, working the By-Laws is even more fun if there are not significant implications. If the questions are real, then real people are involved, the real fate of the Store is in play, and real feelings can be hurt. If the questions are theoretical, however, then it's just good, logic-crunching fun!

I have started posting By-Law Challenges to the forums so that we can work of these great logic puzzles in theory rather than practice. It also has the additional benefit of allowing us to find problems in the By-Laws before they slap us in the face.

As Dan says, "General Membership Meeting is my favorite game in the store."
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